Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Morning (Hike, Oil Pulling)

I'm in Taos, New Mexico and have been blogging on the school website (http://blog.smu.edu/StudentAdventures/udoka_in_taos/ ).

Last night, I came to realize that I was holding up to bad habits again. Staying up late for no reason, procrastinating, etc. My body was responding in annoying ways. I decided that I need to restart my active journey for health.

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 am to walk (literally) up a mountain for 1 hour and sun gaze at sun-rise. I was so sleepy on the way up, but what they say about sun gazing is right! I felt quite awake on the way down. It was great! A great sense of accomplishment with a spectacular view. As we came down, I was very hungry. It feels SO good to be SO hungry and then eat good food because you deserve it. I'm also sore in certain places which I actually like. My body hasn't been sore in a while. I also enjoy the idea that my day got started at 5am instead of 8 or 9am. It makes me feel like I already have momentum for the day while everyone else is just getting geared up.

After I ate, I tried a technique called OIL PULLING. I just used olive oil they had in the kitchen here (this place is like a camp for 20 year olds). You're supposed to swish a small amount of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, but I could only handle about 10. My mouth was hurting (which supposedly meant I did too much work... you ought to use your tongue more) and also, I felt like some liquid mucous was trying to ride up my throat and into my nose. I spit out my oil. I was in the shower which may explain that weird sensation, but how do you explain the next one?

I applied my african black soap, per normal and my cheeks and mouth area started to burn. Afterwards, I typically put 10 drops of orange oil and 2 drops of lavendar oil all over my face. Nothing burns unless I accidentally get my eye area. But this time, my face BURNED! I could only apply my solution to my neck and even then, I reduced it to 3 orange oil drops and 1 lavendar.

So, already, my morning was semi-eventful. Updates later.


  1. Hi Peace O.! Very interesting! Just thought I'd mention - you should always Oil Pull BEFORE you eat anything. Otherwise, the food residue that is fresh in your mouth tissues and digestive system will be part of what is "pulled" back out. Before you eat in the morning, all the food is long gone and just the "stuff' stored in your tissues can be pulled. Maybe - the skin reaction was connected to something you ate? Hope that helps!

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