Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FASHIONISTA of the Week: Briana Shanee

Happy Boxing Day!
Warm welcome to my first Fashionista of the week! 

Meet FGF's first fashionista...


Why I like her: Her pictures kept popping up on my facebook because we have a few mutual friends. I always thought her sense of style in photographs stood out. She also seemed to have knack for gaining an audience, so I friended her. I love how she is constantly connected to friends (and admirers) through social media, so making her the first fashionista was an obvious choice. Check out our interview:

Q: At what age do you feel you started to develop your own style?
Bri: I'd say that I've always just wanted to stand out. Since I was little I've liked attention, and one of the most attention catching features about a person is the way they're dressed. So even in middle school I was doing little things that I thought were different to stand out. (that doesn't mean they were cute)

Q: What do people typically comment on about your fashion style?
Bri: People always just say "you have swag" or "your style fits you" they never really go into detail. One thing I do get a lot is "only you could pull that off" and it really kinda irks me because i feel like anyone can pull off different styled outfits, they just have to have the confidence.

Q: What does your style say about your personality?
Bri: My style now has changed a lot since I've been in college. I'm more chill. Everythings chill. I HAVE to feel comfortable in what I wear. tights, boots, jacket. rather than jeans, heels, shirt, belt, hat. thats just too much for me... not saying that its wrong.. i'm just a more chill type of person.

Q:  How does your fashion style kind of roll into other aspects of your life (art, interests, etc)?
Bri: I'm going to school for communications now, and I plan to work for BET or MTV when i get older. So basically I can just dress cute on tv. What i wear means a lot to me, i haaaaaated my last job all because we had to wear a work shirt.... an ugly work shirt. It like completely ruined my entire time there. So I'd say fashion takes a big part in my everyday life.

Q:  Who's your fashion idol?
Bri:AMBER ROSE AMBER ROSE AMBER ROSE. i loveeee her. lol i just wish she was like my big sister or something so i could call her up and steal all her clothes. every single thing she wears i love. everything. other good fashion icons tho are rihanna for sure, teyana taylor, angela & vanessa simmons ♥

Man, I definitely understand! Great minds think alike ;). I definitely think you may be seeing Bri's face and taste one day soon. If you want to see more of her style & inspirations (music, fashion, etc), check out her tumblr blog:


- Stay golden... 

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