Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blaque Beauty Introduction

Hey, there!

Somehow you stumbled upon my beauty blog! I decided to create this blog because I needed to document my experimentations when it comes to my skin and hair. Especially now that I am beginning to purchase natural ingredients and products.

Maybe you've found this blog in hopes of finding something that will work for you. Before you read, you should know that I:
Am Nigerian. I'm not mixed at all and no one in my family is from America.
. My hair type is 4c.
. My hair is relaxed.
. My problem with my hair is breakage and growth rate.
. My skin type is Normal/Dry.
. My problem area is my jaw, chin and neck where I have dark marks from picking at bumps.
. My body produces too much testosterone, so my biggest problem with my skin is getting ingrown hairs (that's where my bumps come from).

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