Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shouldn't Have Done a Weave

So, obviously this is my first post and there is a long history before this, but this is the beginning. Its a very good place to start.

Last week, my hair was in braids. I left those braids for 3 months. Big mistake. I was lazy and didn't keep track of time and my hair suffered MAJOR damage. I thought if I went to a high-end beauty salon to relax my hair, they'd save it.

It was a really nice salon (and it better be... getting a perm and style for $150??). They offered me wine! She did all these lovely treatments on my hair. My hair FELT silkier than ever. But my hair was still breaking big time. My hair had not had breakage that bad since 2007. I left my hair to "breathe", not putting any styles to it at all. In fact, I bought some hats and a wig. My regime was as follows:

. MegaTek/Vit. E/Tea Tree Oil/MN 2% mixture on scalp - every other day
. ORS Temple Balm/MN 2%/Tea Tree Oil/Vit. E mixture on temples - 2x a day (in reality, I just did daily)
. Sulfur 8 - every other day
. Infusium 23 + Vit. E spray - daily
. Coconut Oil - daily
. Mane N Tail Shampoo and Conditioner - every other day

This helped a little bit, but now my hair is in sew-in weave (I know... I know... my temples are screaming in agony, so I don't need you to tell me) and I bought Nu Gro Super Hair Oil. My new Regime is as follows:

.Nu Gro Super Oil - daily
.Temple Balm mixture - daily
. Infusium 23 mixture - every other day
. Coconut Oil - as needed on weave

I don't know about how or when to wash my hair right now. I have some apple vinegar. Perhaps I should use that.

The weave I am using is Click. 1b/33 human hair. It was like $7.99 per pack and I used 2 packs. Next time, I want to try 1b/27. Yes, that's a dark blonde. I'm ready to take more risks. The stylist charged me $70.

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