Sunday, March 15, 2009

For the Record

I'm writing this stuff down just for the record...

Took Braids Down on Friday, March 6th.
I think I left them for 3 months. I told myself never to do that again, and look! I did it! Granted, I was a total mess last month. I didn't care about anyone, anything, or even myself. But anyway, taking down the hair was a night mare. It matted the eff up! We were cutting and breaking hairs just to get them loose. I will never leave braids up for that long again and when I feel braids slip down as far as these braids did, I will cut them off and redo them! I swear!

Its sad because I was trying to take good care of them, though. I megatek'd my scalp and put Decca grease on the braids. *sigh* Oh well.

Relaxed hair on Saturday, March 7th.
It cost $150, but she did a protein treatment and some minty, tingly scalp treatment and who knows what else. My hair was still shedding, though. And when she put the relaxer, it didn't burn or itch as much as when other people do it. It didn't smell as bad. She didn't apply it to the scalp first (she did eventually, but she first applied to new growth only) and she didn't put any on already relaxed hair until the end. She didn't make me sit an extra 10 minutes when she was done, either. All in all, it was the best relaxer experience I've ever had. So even though it costs a lot of money, I want to go back there every time I need a relaxer.
I wish I could find a stylist who would tell you what she is doing to your head, though...

I am, however, considering using Diva Smooth and getting a friend to flat iron my hair for me next time. What I'd like to do is to take down my hair, do an Aphogee Protein Treatment then do the Diva smooth, then straighten it. A week later, get a relaxer. A week later, put the braids up. We'll see...

Started using Nu Gro Super Oil on Friday, March13th
It does tingle. The main ingredient IS petroleum. I've been trying hard to stay away from that, but its inescapable and I do not care anymore.

Photos soon
I will be putting photos soon of everything!

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