Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Skin Note

So, there are a few things that has changed about my skin regime.

I now use the Aveda facial shammy (yes, the one that feels weird and dries hard), Raw african black soap, and jojoba oil as a moisturizer.

When I get my camera back, I am going to do a video diplaying what real, raw shea butter and african black soap is like and after I use my new regime for a while, I'll do a video on that, as well.

But I was feeling a bit disatisfied in the past few days. Whenever I put an oil on my face, it doesn't absorb very fast (it takes 30 minutes). I was asking myself "What happened? I just made a blog about how amazing the oil made my face look and feel" and that is when I remembered that I wasn't using a toner!

So, it seems that a toner really is important for your regime. I didn't think that toner was doing anything, but in combination with the jojoba oil, it was surely working.

So, I just wanted to make a reminder note about how I need to always use a toner.

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