Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Hair & Healthy Hair Care Tips... review

I read another book by Lonnice Brittenum Bonner called Good Hair.

It was more like a personal story of her own hair journey. Uhm... nothing in this book that I didn't know except the end. She has some good tips about styling hair in roller sets, twist sets, etc.

I read a book called Healthy Hair Care Tips For Today's Black Woman by Cheryl Talley Moss.

Apparently, she's in my area (Dallas, TX, y'all! ;D). Uhm, this book didn't really resonate with me because I knew a lot of what she was saying and she kept stressing how you need to go to a hair professional and y'all know how I feel about "hair professionals". But, this books is very good for the Average ignorant black woman who is wondering why her hair doesn't seem to grow or keeps breaking or has bald spots, etc, etc.

So of the two books I read today, I don't recommend either of them unless you are just starting out and you relax your hair. Go with Moss. Bonner is more for people who want to stop relaxing their hair.

What did I personally take away from the books? From Bonner's book, the twisting advice. From Moss's book, the roller setting advice. I also liked how she related to the average black woman (product junkies, finding a stylists, at home relaxers, etc.). She also doesn't believe in putting grease on your scalp.

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