Monday, June 29, 2009

No Lye and BlackFolk's Hair review

Finished two more books today!

"BlackFolk's Hair" by Kamau and Janice Kenyatta. This book is more like a history book. It will scare you out of using a relaxer, especially if you are an AMERICAN black. This book kind of touched me because it was sad to see the history of American blacks, but the history didn't much apply to me. However, I do recommend this book for American blacks who don't know why they are relaxing their hair. If you want to get one of your black friends to stop relaxing their hair, this is a good

"No Lye" by Tulani Kinard is a good book, again, for those going natural or are very big into braiding. I AM into braiding, but since I don't do it that much and I go to a hair braider to do it, I'm not keep this book. But this book is great for braiders and those who want to get locs. Also, it has great information about relaxers.

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