Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let's Talk Hair Review

Now, I'm reading a book by Pamela Ferrell. Unlike the Akbari book that was easy to skim and find information quickly, this book is quite wordy. Its full of history and information that I'm excited to read later when I have more time. There are a lot of photos in this book which I quite like. The picture of the woman with over processed hair is striking because that is quite exactly what MY hair looks like. It is the reason I told my mother I "HATE, absolutely HATE, relaxing my hair". Because I thought if you relax MY hair, that is the result you get (when it could just be that I've been doing it totally wrong for all these years... which is another story).

Anyway, a LOT of information here. I will update this post when I finish, but right now, I am skimming at the pictures and diagrams. Also, this book is pressing that you need to have NATURAL hair while Akbari's book pressed that no matter what you decide, you need to learn how to take care of your hair. Ferrell hates relaxers (she describes multiple types of perms) and claims you cannot do it more than three times a year.

Wow! This book is SO detailed. Explaining exactly the chemicals, structure of hair, etc, etc.

This book looks excellent for anyone who is transitioning, natural, or a geek like me who wants to know EXACTLY what is going on with her hair.

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