Sunday, June 21, 2009

About to TexLax for the First Time


So, I removed my weave. And I know, I look like an ugly, big nosed, cross-eyed iguana. I'm willing to sacrifice my supposed sexy looks for the documentation of my "Hairstory". lol

This time, I didn't wash my hair. Yes, I didn't wash my hair for the whole 4 to 6 weeks I had that weave in. I was putting Sulfur 8 on my scalp. The result was my hair felt very greased. It wasn't dry, though. I got a bit of matte which is to be expected. My weave didn't seem to ever get to looking ratty. Oh, and for the first time in my life, when I was combing out the matte (with a large tooth comb), the strands were quite long. It looks thick and the end isn't split (yet)! But next time, I'll do A.C.V. rinses because I can't take an itchy scalp. Maybe that will help.

My mom wants to texlax it tomorrow and I said okay. I later realized that I only said okay because I was tired of arguing with her.
What I really wanted was to wash and deep condition tonight. Where a wig or do a roller-set for the rest of the week. Then texlax next Sunday.

Before this, I did a texturizer. Why we're changing to relaxer? Uhm... not sure. I guess once again, I was just tired of fighting with my mom about this. There is also a lot less people and a lot less information on texturizing while there is a lot of info and people doing texlax. But either way, I have been wanting to try out Just For Me(tm) Texture Softener(tm) really bad.

I'm really mad with myself. Even though I've done all this research and education about my hair, I can't seem to shake whatever inconfidence I have (and trust me... this inconfidence appears all over my life, causing me to not reach my full potentials) that allows me to still follow my mother's whims when I know she is wrong.

Oh, BTW, my temples are slowly getting better, I think? They haven't seen any chemical for 5 months and you know, I'm just never going to put a chemical on them until I can look in the mirror without my glasses and not think I'm going bald. My mom said "if you just relaxed them, they'd look good," however, I prefer health to good looks.

The "instructional" video. ;)


  1. Do your research when it comes to texturizers. I think they're easier to mess up than a relaxer because they're supposedly "gentler" than a regular relaxer.

    they're not.

    They're literally the same thing just one a texurizer is left on for 5 minutes instead of 10-15. Also, if you're not careful, it's easy to make one side STRAIGHTER than the other and that's REALLY obnoxious. -___- (happened to me!)

    This comment is quickly becoming a novel, but on the confidence issue. It's HARD to stand up to parents, especially when you disagree with something or know you're right/they're wrong. You also might want to look into something called "fear of success." Here is an article posted on it:

  2. Wow, thanks Alice!

    I have been doing research on relaxers and texturisers.

    This Just 4 Me one I posted is just a relaxer. It has the EXACT SAME ingredients.

    But a texturiser has a different chemical that is breaking the bonds. And its only 1 chemical, where as a relaxers has 2. And looking at wikipedia's info, the chemical in a texturiser seems to be gentler.

    I am trying to figure out the difference between texlaxing and texturising. And I'm not finding much. Since I'm afraid of overlap and a texturiser was at least created to not straighten (even though it does...), I think I will just FEEL better using a texturiser.

  3. can you tell me what's in both of them? I'm curious to see if the one in the texturizer is stronger than the two in the relaxer (nosey ^_^)

    I think texlaxing and texturizing is the same thing. I've come across them used interchangeably all over the internet.

  4. Oh, okay! well, my memory is not serving me right. I BELIEVE that the texturiser has LITHIUM HYDROXIDE. Not thio... which I do not believe it is safe AT ALL to go from relaxer to thio.

    The texture softner and any other relaxer (well... MOST of them) have calcium hydroxide AND guanine (sorry if I misspelled). Those are 2 extremely corrosive chemicals. I would rather have just ONE. And I think Lithium is not as strong, but... psh, I made a C in chemistry lol

    There is so little information on texturisers. From what I've read, they just say "Yeah, this is relaxer-lite". Even in comparison to kiddie perms soooo... that is how i am basing it. I would love some absolute certainty from a doctor or chemist though but I am too lazy to seek out the information right now.


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