Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Perfect teeth to small filling to root canal??

I am so mad...! For the past 6 months, my mouth has been giving me trouble since I got my first fillings.

And I partially blame myself. I wasn't paying enough attention to how my body was reacting to things. If I was paying attention, maybe it wouldn't have to come to this pain or a root canal.

I've also learned that you need to ASK QUESTIONS and do research when you are doing anything with a doctor. My mother has a healthy dose of paranoia when it comes to doctors. I had a bit, too, but now I know this goes for any doctor you deal with. You are the only one who knows what is going on with your body. You need to educate yourself on what a doctor is doing to you so you can know when to tell him that you have a serious concern and don't let him just bat it like its nothing!

Oh, so, as you know, I see a dermotologist. If you read my blog, then you should know his name. But anyway, I am about to say something kind of negative, so I won't say his name. But, I don't trust him. Yes, he gives back to the community. And he's pretty acclaimed in this area, but even then, I don't trust him! He gave my mom his cream that made her condition worse and told her to keep using it! Since my mom has paranoia about doctors, she took matters into her own hands and got better. Likewise, he told me that I can relax my hair every 6 to 8 weeks, but through my research, everything is telling me that even though that is "okay" it is BETTER to wait as LONG as possible. AND every time I relax my temples, they BREAK! Since I didn't take his advice and took matters into my own hands, my hair has never been healthier.

So the lesson of the day is Use the doctor as a resource to learn more about your condition. Don't ever put your complete, ignorant faith in a doctor. Only you know how you feel and how your body is reacting! Pay attention, do research, and don't be afraid to speak up with the doctor! and if a doctor makes you feel like your research and concerns are nothing, then get a new doctor.

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  1. Honey I just got my root canal started a week ago, not yet completed because I was short $500!!!! Good God I am to blame as well. When my brother tuned 18 that was the last time he went to the dentist and the last time I went. My mom stopped taking me to the doctor all together when my brother was grown. He's 5 years older than I am. Long story short I wasn't thinking about a dentist until I needed one.

    Crying like a baby in pain on a FRIDAY NIGHT which means I had to wait until Monday to see someone. Lesson learned. After I get all of this taken care of I will be @ my dentist every 6 months. 11 cavities one turned into a root canal. I will keep those joints FILLED!


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