Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pre-treated for Chemical

Oh god...

You know, we should wash our hair more often. It feels AMAZING!

- Washed twice with Mane and Tail Shampoo
- Conditioned with MnT deep conditioner and left it in for a minute
- Rinsed with Apple Cider Vinegar
- ORS Hair Mayo for 1 hour under microwave cap
- Essentious Hair Moisturizer (coconut oil + jojoba) and hair/scalp massage
- Greased Scalp with Sulfur 8 + Peppermint oil

MMM! My hair smells and FEELS great. I made one mistake, though. I didn't detangle before I washed. BIIIIG mistake! Never NOT doing that again! My poor strands!

I have a really really long strand of hair. I have a strand of hair that goes PAST MY ARMPITS !!! No, its not a piece that needs to fall out. I have tugged it and I feel it still attached to my head. *faints* That makes me SOOO tempted to do a straight up relaxer to see how long my hair can get, but I need to remember that I want curls and waves, not straight hair. And if my hair were to grow really long straight, getting curls would be even harder!

My hair isn't super duper soft like it is when I use AVEDA deep conditioner.

I can't figure out how to make my hair soft when its dry. That is, with the oil, my hair was soft while wet. But when I woke up this morning, my hair felt dry. Maybe it isn't actually dry, dry, but it felt dry. I put some spray-leave-in and put on a wig but when I took it off today, some parts of my hair still felt dry.

Also, I have A LOT of shedding. I've never had this before. Or maybe I never examined it before. But I am worried about that...

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