Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slacking - Hair Finity and Growth Aids w/ Sulfur

*sigh* I have been slacking again. This has been a rough month with doctor appointments and such. But when I had this blog, I was more on top of my hair care.

Well, firstly, let me post results I got with vitamins called Hair Finity

Before Hair finity, my hair grew 1/4 of an inch every month or less. But now...

That's a bit more. I think that's half an inch.

Here are some more results.

But, now, I want a topical growth aid. Looking into

Claudie's @ $17 for 8 oz.(she offered to put extra ingredient in there for free for me)
Bee Mine @ $13 for 8 oz.
Patience @ $13 for 4 oz.

They are all natural and organic and contain sulfur. No more petroleum for me! Sulfur 8 didn't work as well for me because my pores were getting clogged. Nu Gro didn't work as well because it clogged my pores. They worked, but they probably could have been better. The only thing that has worked is MN because the nitrate opens pores.

P.S. I'm not getting a root canal. These dentists are just trying to fucking wring money out of me with their ignorance.

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