Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LUSH review and At-Home Facial

Hey, guys!

I did a little at home facial. Something I have been meaning to do once a week for a while now!

1. Wash face with my papaya soap (I've used up my black soap. its so drying, so I just used it as a body soap)
2. Used Ocean Salt scrub by LUSH (this is actually a harsh scrub. I want to use it on my body. If you are sensitive skin, do not use. However, I will note my face looked RADIANT afterwards!)
3. Put a Vitamin E tab (by LUSH) in a bowl of boiling water and steamed my face
4. Put my avocado mask on until it dried
5. Washed off and used left over water as a toner then moisturized with Gorgeous (by LUSH)

All in all, I am happy with the results. I will be sure to note that next time, I'll use the sea salt scrub AFTER the avocado mask. In case you don't know, the avocado mask is more about opening and cleaning out the pores (which is why its a good idea for me to steam up and open my pores first). The scrub removes dead skin and increases cell turnover rate which is something I, in particular, really need. I think it makes more sense to cleanse then exfoliate, doesn't it?

Also, I want to review some of these LUSH products.
I love this deodorant! Especially when I use it with tea tree oil.

Aromarant ("rant" is right! lol!)
When I first apply it, I smell like a man. By the end of the day, i smell like I didn't even bathe!! Good for foot odor, though.


I have tried many of them. The best one is Gorgeous because it leaves your face feeling like you didn't put anything at all. Its not oily in the least, and yet even my ultra-dry skin is happy! This moisturizer isn't effective on my hair, though. Its also rather expensive ($89). I like Shang Ri La but it might be a tad oily for some people. Its good on my hair, but not as good as shea butter. Imperialis and Cosmetic Lad feel the same as Shang Ri La on my skin, but Cosmetic Lad was great in my hair! (I put it on natural and texturized hair)

Ugh! I LOVE the concept! I have always felt steaming was one of the BEST ways for me to clear MY skin (I used to do it in my early teens), but some how, I stopped. These tabs got me back into doing it because after reading several books, I am convinced that my skin needs to come into contact with some vitamins and antioxidants. What better way than deep into the pores? I use the left over water to wash off my mask or my hair or anything else.

I am going to look into the hair products soon. :)

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