Monday, August 10, 2009

Breastmilk is Laughable

I had to blog about this! I am a HUGE proponent of breastfeeding babies and breastfeeding for AT LEAST one year. So I found some articles written by Dennis Pragner. Look at what this bafoon has to say about breastfeeding... I... I couldn't believe this was coming out of the mouth of a prominent American of influence. Aha! Its extremely painful to read his articles, but I will link them below. I think formula should be reserved for those who cannot breastfeed. And while breastfeeding, you need to make sure you are eating as healthy as possible and taking good care of yourself. Anything you eat will be transferred to your baby. Not that I have ever had a baby. I just find the information and the common sense of it fascinating.

I see it kind of like public education. Its not the best. You could do better with alternative education. Public education won't hurt your kid much in the long run if you do everything else right, but you could do better.

" If the sole purpose of the breast was to feed infants, women, like all mammals, would only have breasts when nursing their young. "
- ...hehe... AHAHA! I wish he was just "kidding".

"Jesus was circumcised. He never married. He had no children. He wasn't vaccinated. Should Christians therefore have their children circumcised, never marry, not have children and refuse to vaccinate their children?"
- He was circumcised because he was Jewish. Marriage is irrelevant to argument of health. Vaccinations... god, don't get me started on those. I'm so surprised he even brought that up. Is he not aware of the large number of us who are OPPOSED to vaccinations? Yes, even I refuse to get my flu shot and I have NEVER had the flu, even during epidemics. Thankyou.

"Virtually my entire generation of baby boomers was bottle-fed. Yet we are the healthiest generation in human history"
- ... Wow. No. Based on what? The fact that you live the longest? With your medications and plastics. Right. That's the picture of health, right there.

"As G. K. Chesterton foretold a hundred years ago, when people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything. When people stop worshipping God, they begin worshipping many gods. Health, for example. In the name of Health, "
- My belief in breastfeeding means I no longer believe in a God? Interesting...

"In the name of Health, many parents would rather their teenager cheat on tests than smoke. "
- Is that a bad thing? Yes, I'd rather my kid cheat on a test because when is he going to use that test information again in his life? Now, when is he going to use his LUNGS again in his life? Which is more important to you, Prager? This argument is just ridiculous...

"And if breast-feeding is indispensable to optimum bonding, why not breast-feed for a few years? Isn't more bonding better?"
- Haha! I wold love to see the look on his face when he meets for the first time a proponent of toddler breast feeding. I think I am one of them (or in the very least see no detrimental harm from it)

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