Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Wow. After taking a peek inside Lululemon, I got a free guest pass for a gym called Equinox. Y'all, this gym is unlike any I've ever seen. It is so beautiful and artsy inside. And the music they play over the loud speakers is exactly what I listen to in my free time (MIA, Santogold, Of Montreal, Black Eyed Peas, etc.). Its one of those places that the actual places looks just as good as the photos of it. --- Actually, scratch that. I'm not even going to put photos of it because the photos of it online do not do this place justice. I'll rephrase it... the warm fuzzy feeling you get from looking at the website (www.equinox.com) is the same feeling you get when you're actually inside it.

It has a rather large price tag on it, as you can imagine. But definitely just go in to SEE this place if you're into awesome looking businesses.

Here is a list of classes I've taken so far:
Skinny Jeans Workout
This was a leg intensive workout. It really did a good job on getting to every bit of my BUTT muscle! T_T Ow! You don't need shoes for this workout and a girl even came in already wearing jeans for the work out. This is definitely a toning-oriented workout.

SILER-Centric Pilates
This was my first Pilates class. Yeck! I don't like Pilates! Its another one of those things that requires strange positions and "you shouldn't feel any _____ in your ______. If you do, you're doing it wrong" and I feel doomed to always be "doing it wrong" forever. It starts out with a lot of strange leg work, then arm work (I HATE arm work), ab work, then ... I don't even know. Its pilates on a cushiony mat. And I probably will never do this again.

Phew! Now, THIS is my kind of workout! It is basically circuit training. We start at 1 station for 2 minutes then keep switching. Take a break, then do them all again for 1 minute. Take a break. Then do them for 30 seconds. Its great for someone like me who gets bored easily and also loses endurance very quickly! Its a cardio and strength/toning.

Hip Hop
Aheh, naturally, I was quite into THIS class. Its hip hop dance lesson. The style of dance was actually really jazz-y and feminine. I wouldn't recommend this class for dudes, hehe. I had a lot of fun. I noticed my choreo skills have improved a lot, especially my ability to improvise and play around with the choreography!!

I also found out that I am probably lactose-intolerant. Milk makes me want to barf (hence, I only drink 1/4th of any starbucks drink I order). I found out their hot chocolate is essentially milk and mocha which made me go "NO WONDER I COULD ONLY TAKE 5 SIPS WITHOUT WANTING TO BARF!". They replaced milk with soy milk and I was able to finish my whole drink. This settles it. We, humans, are not supposed to be drinking cow-milk, anyways!! Its a cause of ADD and acne in some people. I'll do more research on this later.

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