Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Bought Maca

So, I've given up on my diligent hair adventure. After a summer of incredibly growth and satisfaction, things seem to be slowing down. It could be stress. Now that I am in school. Even though I have been trying to reduce stress, living with my parents is not easy. Every single day... I don't even have to have DONE anything. They find SOME reason to make me feel bad about myself. Its incredibly annoying and it is very stressful. To come home and have someone ask you questions about things that happened a month ago because they are wanting to berate you and psychologically beat you into being whatever it is they want you to be.

I am still going to put on my calendar when I do chemicals... ugh. Let's not even talk about chemicals. I /really/ want to do a 3 month stretch. The only thing in my way is my mother. I've been putting my foot down more and more and more. I've been releasing more and more of my ideas. Where as before, I'd hold back to make tension less, I have been slowly increasing tension whenever she asks me something that has to do with my desires or beliefs. Last time, we went a month and a half. Hoping to double that this time.

So yes, I will still calendar chemicals, hair braiding, and take photos of growth. But that's it. No more "challenges" or obsessing over taking something every single day. I have my list of things to do and I will take them and not feel bad for missing a day.

But I have a new pill to add to my regime. As if the 2 - 4 wasn't bad enough.


It will supposedly enhance my womanly shape (rounder hips and breasts) and give me more energy! And a few other benefits, but those two are the main reasons I bought this. On top of the fact that I have high testosterone levels and I get hormonal acne.


  1. I just ordered some powdered gelatinized Maca powder.I also got some royal jelly! GONE GIRL!

  2. Maca has been used by the Peruvian people since the Inca Civilization to put "fire" in their sex lives.

  3. QueenFee!! Be sure to share your results! I am so excited for us :D


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