Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Again

Ow, so I went to my laser treatment again. This is my 3rd one.

I can say that the past two has removed about 30% of my hair so far. And eliminated ingrown hairs.

But a new nurse practitioner got me this time. I think she increased the power on that machine because my chin is now red and looking bruised. She said it is normal, but I don't trust doctors --- oh, no, she's not even a doctor. Anyway, this crap better heal quick.

I am giving myself a soothing facial (steamed with water infused with vitamin E, Avocado & Oatmeal mask, coconut oil and vitamin E). I need to keep my skin clean and moisturized. I think I am even going to start using my foundation because these bruise marks are embarrassing...

And apparently, there is a numbing cream! I am just now hearing about this. They sold me 5 grams of this 'LMX' for $15 (which appears to be normal price). And the usual hydro cortisone cream which I will not be using, as usual.

- The Next Morning -
My facial seems to be working. The bruises are still there, but they aren't as bad as they were last night.

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