Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Stuff to Try!

Okay, so I've vowed to stop getting stuff because I always end up not liking them or not using them. But these are important...! And they finally arrived. And all of them (except the Maca) were free!

I didn't even ask Live Live & Organic to send me these. It is an eye/lip cream and a facial mask. Yes, well be using. Will make a video review. :)

Now, this is the item that I had my eyes set on. Skinfood. Supposedly, this is the ultimate moisturizer.

Whoo! I got my MACA, baby! It smells like wheat graham crackers. I can't wait to start taking this every-day. The pill is small and very swallow-able. I'm so excited! I'm ready to have a lot of energy and a more shapely body. And balanced hormones for once in my life!

This came with the MACA. It looks great for a day when I'm feeling a bit sick.

So, I plan to make a video review of these things some time in October. On another note, I am trying to make myself set aside an hour of where I just get ready for bed. This is supposed to give me time to wash my face, take my vitamins and plan my next day. I often just wait until I am too sleepy and pass out on my bed. Sleep-time is the best time to put vitamins and topical stuff on your body because your body is doing the most re-genitive work at that time.

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