Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Switching to Organic?

I've been reading this book called The Unhealthy Turth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick- and What We Can Do About It.

It looks into the question of "Why are more children getting food allergies?". Of course, when you start looking into THAT question, you begin to uncover a whole world of under-the-rug scandal that is affecting the health of all of us. She could have written a book on the American disease "diabesity" (obesity + diabetes) if she wanted to with all the information she has found.

My mom recently told me my blog has been affecting someone's lifestyle and they are starting to buy organic. Some thing organic are expensive and this book is helping me to decide what to buy organic and what to buy regular.

The Dirty Dozen
Sweet Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes

So if you buy any of these, get it organic. These have the highest number of chemical residues. Some people bite the bullet and buy ALL organic which I'd like to do one day especially when I am older and have freedom to go to the market every 3-5 days since organic food spoils faster. But this is a good stepping stone guideline.

GMO Foods
As for food that is genetically modified... a lot of people are not concerned about this because supposedly, the food is the same. But if that were really true, then what is the hullabaloo over GMO soy (over 90% of any soy product has genetically modified soy)? This soy has a greater potential to cause harm than normal, natural soy does. Also, I've heard reports of it causing bacteria in your body to also change its own DNA, compromising the health of your immune system. The altered bacteria DIE as they go further down your intestines, making your digestive process even weaker and more strained. My dad had colon cancer which raises my chances of getting it. When it comes to my colon, I do NOT play around. Plus, I don't want to benefit a company like Monsanto (read, Monsatan).

Here's a list of foods that are genetically modified.
Soy (of course)
Corn (Hm, of course)
Papaya (made me go 'wtf?', too)
Tomatoes (I eat a lot of these! :S)
Potatoes (Now we know we DEFINITELY need to buy these organic)
Sugar beets
Rice (I eat a lot of this, too!!)

Meat and Dairy
And I'd also like to start eating organic meats and free-roam chicken eggs (cage-free is essentially nothing. If that's the only option, I buy it just so my dollars can show support for better labeling, ethics, etc.). My reasoning for this will have to wait for another blog update. This entry is already long!

And I don't drink milk, but I would buy organic milk or at least milk free of the growth hormone (Walmart's brand is growth hormone free). Since I don't drink milk, I used to use soy milk. Of course, I am changing that. I want to stay as far away from soy as possible unless I know where it comes from. I've switched to rice and almond milk.

What does this have to do with Beauty?
As I continue to read articles and books pertaining to my research (which I should tell you about soon), I will be updating my blog on health-nutritional issues such as these. As you know, the healthier you are, the better you smell, look, and feel (mentally and to the touch ;D). Also, if you have a hidden allergic reaction (pimples, roscea, eczema, dryness, etc) this information could solve your problem.

I know this because since I've tried eating more organic and using natural beauty products, people have commented on these things about me. Now, reading the successes of many different people, I'm just thoroughly convinced... I hope my blog will help you through your OWN research!

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