Monday, March 29, 2010


It's 3 o'clock in the morning on a MONDAY SCHOOL MORNING! But I couldn't sleep because I was just too excited about FINALLY posting this video that I've been telling myself to make for a few months now.

It's kind of ridiculous how long it took me to get around to it. I was writing out my goals for the future on facebook and in my "if all else fails plan", this blog and videos were a part of that. They are a way for me to make connections and learn more about a field I'm interested in and might dive into. I decided I need to keep my future plans in mind in all that I do. Have that "focus", you know? And instead of doing that, I waste a lot of time not doing anything.

I am an afficionado of editting. I pay attention to how things are editted and I always dream of having well editted videos. So what did you think? This is the first time I can watch a beauty video of mine without cringing so much, haha

I made this video (and more to come) because I feel that Michelle Phan is so popular and has a responsibility of... delivering good information. And sometimes she doesn't. Not hating on her, but sometimes she doesn't. So I made these videos to give people an alternative way to look at things.

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