Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Radiant Beauty

I feel compelled to blog because perhaps a change is occurring to me now. People have been commenting on how healthy I look. Its not just a close friend or one acquaintance. Multiple people on various relationship-levels have been saying it.

I began to think "What am I doing differently?"

I'm doing a lot of things. I take my hair vitamins from Hairfinity. Every so often, I take some herbal supplements, depending on how my body is feeling. I take Garlic at times. Hmm...

Something else I've been doing is eating mostly organic foods when I cook. And wild Atlantic salmon.

Also, for my skin, I've altered my regime (which I'll make a video & update about shortly with the new cameras we can now check out at the school). I've made it simple, but effective (I hope).

Finally, I've been working out and dancing several times a week. As well as keeping my bowel movements regular (it used to be TERRIBLE).

But here's the thing, people. I am not very consistent. My facial regime is the most consistent thing because I can do part of it in the shower. The dancing is the next most consistent because I have a responsibility towards it. The rest... not as much. I wonder what would happen if I WAS consistent? Would I shine like a super star?

I always say "stay tuned" for new blogs, but I'm inconsistent with this thing, as well! So here's hoping you hear from me soon. :)

1 comment:

  1. You have the secret then ...anything you are consistent with would yield results.be it beauty care or health and diet.It is essential to be conscious of ones weight control with health becoming a major factor of concern these days.


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