Monday, March 30, 2009


Oct. 17, 08 - right

I have been struggling with my temples for years and years. Its better than the above picture, now, but not by much. (Click image to enlarge)

I believe that the damage came from braids. My mom likes to say "How can it be from braids when there is nothing to grab?". Well, mom, back when there WAS something to grab, it was grabbed way too tight.

Now, and days, there is nothing to grab and so nothing is done to my temples. Except RELAXER.

I noticed that my temples shed quite a bit and 80% of the hairs that fall out are EXTREMELY split (I saw one hair that had split ends with split ends with split ends!!) and damaged. I'm vowing never to put any chemicals on my temples.

I'm not sure exactly what to put on it to make it stop shedding. And it gets dandruff, as well, so I am going to do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse this week.

What I used
- I tried Dr. Miracle's temple balm for 30 days. No results, even though it is "guaranteed"
- I used ORS temple balm for 3 months and finally notice some tiny, tiny sprouts. I got a perm and now some of those sprouts are gone, I think. Then lastly, I lost my balm. :/
- Currently, I am using Nu Gro. I have been using it for about a month. No change yet.


  1. I really think you need to quit the relaxer and the extensions completely and just start nurturing your hair since the damage is probably a combination of relaxing and tight braids :(

  2. Can you try some Jamaican castor oil?? I've been messaging it into my temples (thin temples hereditary) and I've been seeing some progress.. It's good for thickening hair...

  3. Go to a dermatologist NOW! You have traction alopecia and you need medical attention. None of those over the counter hair products will be of any use to you now. Run! Because your problem will not get better. And I hate to say it may get worse. So before the loss continues and causes any further damage take those braids out! No relaxing! I don't know if your hair follicles can be saved but only a doctor can provide you with the right medications to reignite or to stop the inflammation in you follicles. Go out and get yourself a couple of really nice wigs while you heal.Please go today!
    I have alopecia ariata which is a different kind of patchy hair loss. I don't wear braids. I went for less relaxing. I texlax once every 24 months and wear my hair in twists in the winter months and wash and go in the summer. I don't use shampoo and pre-poo before a co-wash. These were at the behest of my dermatologist. He even suggested exercise for blood flow and meditation for the anxiety the hair loss caused.
    Medically I had to under go cortisone injections to my scalp a couple of times a month. Not fun.
    So I am begging you to see a doctor.
    I wish you all the best!

  4. This is a prescription for some Shapely's MTG and some wigs, seriously, you'll be amazed at the results.


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