Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Organic Moisture, Cholesterol, ORS Serum

As you should know, I LOVE natural cures and supporting small businesses. Well, I came across this link:


Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? I cannot wait to get my hands on this stuff! However, 2 oz is $30! Yikes!

I used a Cholesterol treatment for the first time. It is pretty good. It left my hair feeling naturally soft! Works much better than ORS Mayo did for me. However, I am concerned about the ingredients:
The one I am using in particular contains mineral oil, petroleum, AND lanolin. And various alcohols.

*sigh* However, Cholesterol does have great affects on me. Hopefully I can find an all natural version of this. Note: Lekair's cholesterol only has Mineral Oil. Lesser of the two evils?

Ow, ow, ow! I just used ORS Fertilizing Serum for the first time. OWW! I put it on area that aren't exactly balding. This stuff ITCHES!!! I am never putting it anywhere else on my head again. I didn't realize how much more potent the serum would be versus the temple balm. I'm excited. I hope this means fantastic growth on my temples.

>_< Oh crap! It burns, man. Ow, ow...! Big mistake!


  1. The serum worked well for my bf and I but that cholesterol was not the business for my hair at all. It did nothing for me...


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