Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy


I don't know if I will ever do this again. Maybe once more just because it will be $15 dollars cheaper the second time around and the lady will use a smaller tube, but, god. Let me tell you.

First of all, it hurts to put that tube up there. Which didn't bother me. I assumed it would hurt for 5 seconds then its okay. Nope! That crap was uncomfortable as heck the whole entire time. Then, the water went up there, but whenever I pushed, nothing came out. I was so frustrated I started to cry. The lady wasn't much help. She didn't stay in the room to help massage my stomach or anything. She just comes in every now and then to check. I was like "What the hell? I could have done this myself in my BATHROOM with a douchebag hung upside down!", ya know?

And in all honesty, doing it in my own bathroom would have been a better idea. Maybe going to the actual place will make more water go in there faster, but... *sigh* I pushed and pushed and nothing came out. I didn't feel any stomach cramps. When I stood up, then I felt very full. I went to the bathroom where I continued to cry and crap out water. I was literally crapping out pure water for 10 minutes. I saw tiny bits of poo and food I had this morning come out in the toilet. When I left the building, I still felt (I still feel it) a bit of water going on there. I'm afraid my bacteria count down there is harmed. The lady wasn't very informative about the bacteria thing... I'm not sure if acidophilus is enough... She did mention "Digestive enzymes" a lot. I should have gotten some of those.

It is uncomfortable from start to end and it lasted like 50 minutes. Maybe I have hemorrhoids or something because supposedly, once it is in, it is not supposed to be uncomfortable and it is not uncomfortable having water flow into you either. It feels weird, but its not uncomfortable.

So, I MIGHT do this again, but first I will need to do more research on enzymes and bacteria in my colon that I need to replenish and I need to get checked for hemorrhoids (or start taking natural steps for it so I don't pay a doctor and just fix the problem myself... if its there, it will go away and if its not, the natural route is still good for me).

And on the plus side, I felt very relaxed and refreshed when I left. I'm not sure if that is just because my body is extremely happy the torment is over or because it is empty of superficial waste. My goal was to loosen and poop out OLD waste that is probably stuck on my colon wall. That didn't happen. I am considering an all natural COLON CLEANSE instead of this painful water crap. Mind you, my relationship with my anus isn't so good. I think people have better control of theirs than I do. I am not sure why my body functions the way it does and its frustrating that so far, no one is helpful.

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