Friday, August 14, 2009

Deep Conditioners are a Shame

Okay, I think I am done. I have tried SO many deep conditioners. I am done. Why, you ask?

A) Most of them have Petroleum, mineral oil, or lanolin
B) OR they have -cones

No, no, no! I don't want something that will coat my hair and make it "feel" soft. I want something that will actually GET TO WORK! I have come to the conclusion that all these deep conditioners... Cholesterol, Mayo-treatments, Placenta, yada, yada are just glorified conditioners. I'm sure... yes, I am actually quite positive you can get just as good results using your REGULAR conditioner for 1o minutes with a cap on and maybe some heat. So I am done. I am never buying a product labeled "deep conditioner" ever again.

I am going to try to use up as much of the products I have as I can and I am going to buy all natural hair products with good reviews from now on. In the future, I look forward to:
Low-Poo by Deva Curl
HoneySuckle Rose by Aubrey Organics
I'll pre-poo with whatever oils I have and use my coconut oil right after a wash, as usual. I have my shea butter to moisturize my hair and use the leave-in when I have braids or something. Of course, my ACV will be my daily scalp cleanser when I have braids, as well.

That's it. I may not even buy Aphogee Protein treatment anymore (don't get me wrong, ladies... it is a good treatment!). I may just go ahead and just add an egg to my conditioner (I haven't tried it yet, but I will ASAP to see if it can replace Aphogee). I'm tired of spending money on things that are not necessary.

There is ONE last product I will try before I lose all hope
And that is Diva Smooth. Its all organic and made out of honey. Its supposed to make your hair silky smooth so that you can use a flat iron. And it probably works. Its mainly honey, but it works much better than honey. There's also sugar in there. Anyway... I can't wait to use this.

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  1. For me Main and Tail deep conditioner and 30 min under a dryer.


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