Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diva Smooth & Texturizer (long post & review)

I finally used Diva Smooth Review!

Product: Diva Smooth
Price:$25.00 (8oz)
Company:Janelle Beauty (
Claims: Helps stretch out relaxers, makes going natural easier.
Ingredients: Organic raw wild honey, Olea europaea (Organic olive) oil, Sucrose (Sugar) Extract, Zea mays Starch, Citrus medica limonum (organic lemon) extract, (Acetic acid) vinegar, tocopherol (vitamin E), blended essential oils
Opinion: Don't use this as a deep conditioner. Put this on dry hair, otherwise it won't do anything. Unless honey is great for your DC. For me, honey does nothing as a DC. When I use this on dry hair, ladiessss.... smooth, silky, omg. I can't say much for what it does to curls because that is not my concern. My concern is to have manageable new growth to last me until the next chemical treatment. It is messy. Next time, I might add a few oils to see if it makes it a little less sticky. And I'm sure heating it will only make it work better!

Verdict: Yes, I will buy this again. I have been pre-poo'ing with oils with my natural hair which is nightmare-ish. This makes my hair manageable and soft and oh my god. This is a staple in my regime now.  I only put it on my new growth to make the bottle last longer. Considering that I use this when I am taking down braids. I already have a conditioner on my relaxed hair. This goes the extra mile for my new growth and when some gets onto my relaxed hair - Oh, heaven! This is expensive so I gotta make it last. This works with or without aid of anything. I tried to use plain HONEY (organic) to see if it works as well as this. Nope. Hah. Not even close and WAY too sticky. Someone, create an alternative to this so I can save money! In the mean time, Janelle is getting mine. ;)
I texturized my hair today!! Here is what I did/should have done/will do next time.

One-Week Preparation:
1.  EXCELLENT Pre-poo for new growth (Diva Smooth)
2. Cleansing wash (Mane n Tail, but looking for sulfate-free alternative)
3. Heavy Protein treatment (Aphogee 2 step)
4. Deep condition (still looking for a decent one...)

1/2 Hour Preparation:
1. Sectioned my hair into 6 parts (I bought cute NON-METAL clippies)
2. Grease scalp and shaft (ANYTHING with petroleum as main ingredient) 
3. Put conditioner into relaxer chemical (I put DOVE volumizer because I needed to hurry up and finish that product)

After Treatment:
1. Rinse chemical out
2. Apply yogurt to hair (A LOT! Pile it on, baby, otherwise it does nothing) and leave for 3 - 20 minutes
3. Neutralizing Shampoo
4. Conditioner (from the box)
5. Moisturize (Aphogee Greet-Tea Reconstructor for some extra protein)
6. Seal (Coconut oil and shea butter)

Results: Excellent! I was very scared and distraught earlier because I had quite a bit of new growth (thankyou MN, Sulfur, and Hairfinity!!) that I didn't know how to control and may have been causing me a lot of breakage. I couldn't find any product that was working for my hair. It was just a mess. I was going to wait until SEPTEMBER to texturize, but I couldn't take it anymore. I am extremely pleased. My hair hasn't completed dried yet, but its very soft. It is thicker than it was. Its longer. The texturizer came out very well, even though my mother insisted on making me wait a little longer (I think I was there for 25 minutes instead of 15) and she over-laps a lot. Let me tell you, a TEXTURIZER does not straighten your hair like a tex-lax or relaxer can. I don't know why people would suggest a beginner like me to texlax! First of all, how do I stay within the time limit? Second of all, how do I deal with over lapping? Ridiculous. I'm texturizing for a long time, people.

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