Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Staple Products - Favourites pt. 1

Entitled part one because I cannot wait to start using my new natural products.

So far, I only really have two things on my "Always buy" list.

Product: Silky Souffle
Price: $11.95 (8oz)
Company: Naturally Yours (
Why?: I tend to have a lot of brand-name loyalty. If you read my blog, then you should be able to tell. If I love one thing by your company and I like the way your company operates I tend to stick with it. So I signed up for the newsletter and got notified of this new wonderful product! This company is the company I would buy my african black soap and shea butter from, but since this product, I haven't used the prior 2 items. Unrefined shea butter in a quick-absorbing moisturizer is VERY hard to find. I use this on my face and in my hair. I messed mine up, though. I am lazy and leave things in my car, so it melted. Its not as light as it used to be, but still a much better alternative to just straight up shea butter and still absorbs well. I use it for whatever I would use shea butter for. It is as good and/or better than shea butter so far.

Product: Tea Tree Lemon Soap
Price: $5.00
Company: Dress Green (
Why?: Another "comany" (?) that I feel loyalty to. Her products are all pretty good that I have tried. Her soaps smell so good. But this is the one I love the most. The soaps LOOK delicious and appealing. At the same time, the soap does exactly everything I bought it for. I use it on my body, but you can use it on your face. It helps clean up bacteria on and under my skin and it doesn't leave my skin dry when I step out of the shower. In fact, I can go most of the day with no lotion without getting ashy. 

Product: Diva Smooth

I just did the review for it below. Now, the only thing I am thinking of is Castor Oil. I find castor oil is THE BEST oil EVER for my new growth (needless to say, it is also a staple of mine). It is EVEN MESSIER to apply to my hair. I wonder how wonderful it would be to add a bit of castor oil to this diva smooth? 

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