Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Natural Products but Keeping a Few Chems

I am still in the process of organizing my old products and getting them ready for selling. I hope this actually works. I'm tired of all this clutter. There are a few products that I am going to keep.

The first one is Empress Re-gro Scalp Moisturizer. Yes, it has petroleum. Its a grease. But it smells oh-so-good and the texture is very easy to move around in your hair and manipulate. I'm going to use this as my base and hair protector when I do my chemical relaxers.

The second one is my Mane n Tail conditioner. Using this when I was taking down my braids/weave was a really great investment. My hair was soft, tangle free, and washed much easier. I've used other conditioners and so far, this is the simplest, best one.

I'm starting to collect information on natural herbs and remedies. I'm most concerned with something that will naturally strengthen/thickening hair and take care of the roots/follicles. I found interest in:
Indian Gooseberry (aka Alma)
Alfalfa juice

Oh, and I took the homemade pledge (in the side bar). I am going to try to start buying handmade beauty and cleaning products or use my own. Is it okay if I consider LUSH handmade? Yeah, actually, it IS handmade. Hm! :)

(calling 18002381413 for herbal supplement info)

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