Saturday, January 16, 2010

Protein Treatment Research & Relaxed Hair

I did some research on protein treatments. Check out my video and the links below!

1mits1's youtube protein video:
TheNaturalHaven detailed research:

These are too large to be useful.
These are also too large. However, they can coat the hair to make it feel silky.
VEGETABLE PROTEIN When hydrolyzed, this is the ideal protein to use!

Coating the hair is great when you get a relaxer. It will help prevent overlap and I, personally, find my relaxer comes out softer, silkier and smoother!

Right after I wash out the relaxer, I apply a YOGURT mix. I haven't done much research on how yogurt works with the hair, but I get a lovely thickness with this technique. Afterwards, I PH balance the hair.

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